TWR #46 - Contents

Interview: "A Tale of thirteen bungalows" - In which we discover a talent for aural architecture: Steve Hackett in conversation

Review: "Take me home to the Scala" - Phil Collins in concert at The Scala Club, London, November 6, 2002

Review: "Phil's Missed Again" - Phil Collins at The Scala, in the London Evening Standard, Thursday, November 7, 2002

Review: "A definite eye for detail!" - The recent I4Detail series of live recordings

Article: "The Genesis Weekend" - Crewe Limelight Club, April 2002

Review: "File under G, for Genius" - Steve Hackett's "The Genesis Files"

Review: "Have grand piano will travel" - Genesis For Two Grand Pianos

Review: "The bubble has definitely not burst!" - The second FAde project, Genesis at Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, April 13, 1976

Review: "A Long Walk Home via the re-mastered catalogue" - Peter's "Rabbit Proof Fence" soundtrack, and his recently re-issued back catalogue

Review: "Up and Away" - a review of Peter Gabriel's new album

Review: "Wait Up!" - Peter Gabriel's new album

Review: "Up or down?" - Peter Gabriel's new album, "Up"

Review: "I Wanna Testify!" - Phil Collins' new album "Testify"

Review: "Come with us for a trip down memory lane" - "Selling England By The Pound" performed by The Musical Box

Review: "Swindon Definitive" - G2enesis live at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon

Review: "In The Glare of the Light" - Face Value, live

Review: "ReGenesis Revisited" - ReGenesis in concert