TWR #48 - Contents

Interview: "The Genesis of an album producer" - Nick Davis in a TWR exclusive interview.

Interview: "Over to you… Humbert!" - A not entirely serious interview with Rupert Hine and Anthony Phillips.

Photo Gallery: "Down at The Farm" Some photos taken by TWR at The Farm in 2003... All photos by Stuart Barnes/TWR unless otherwise stated.

Interview: "The Diary of an A&R Man" - Pat Purcell shares some of his memories of working with Genesis.

Discography: Anthony Phillips - A Pocket Discography.

Discography: "A Trip to the library" - Some of Anthony Phillips' library albums examined by Alan Hewitt.

Album Review: "All we need is a........HIT" - Peter Gabriel's HIT compilation.

Album Review: "To Watch The Storms" album review by Phil Kershaw.

Album Review: "Listening to the Soundscapes" - Anthony Phillips' latest compilation album.

Album Review: "It really is… About Time" - The first solo album by Dik Cadbury reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

DVD Reviews: "A Fistful of DVD's" - The recent DVD issues by Genesis and solo members.

Gig Review: "The Ghosts Of Albums Past" - Steve Hackett live at the Fairfield Halls Croydon 29th October 2003.

Gig Review: "The Time Machine, Genesis Style (Part 1)" - The Musical Box, Southampton 30th October 2003.

Gig Review: "The Time Machine, Genesis Style (Part 2)" - The Musical Box, Southampton 1st November 2003.

Tour Review: "From the flight case to the merchandise stall" - A review of Steve Hackett's UK tour by Alan Hewitt.

Photo Gallery: Steve Hackett - De Montfort Hall, Leicester, 20th October 2003.

Photo Gallery: Steve Hackett - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 28th October 2003.

Photo Gallery: Steve Hackett - Fairfield Halls, Croydon, 29th October 2003.