TWR #54 - Contents

Interview: "In Conversation" - Steve Hackett talks to TWR.

Article: "The Genesis of The Waiting Room…" - A potted history of nearly everyone's favourite Genesis fanzine by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: "A BBC Experience" - Phil Collins appearance at the BBC as told by Stuart Barnes.

Gig Review: "Three Dates With… Face Value" By Alan Hewitt.

DVD Review: "A trip to the forest" - The Epping Forest DVD project releases reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

DVD Review: "Peering Through The Branches" - A Note about the Epping Forest fan DVD project by James Hendry.

Album Review: Metamorpheus, the new Steve Hackett album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Album review: "Listening to the MUPPET Show" - The latest additions to this Peter Gabriel live concert series reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Album Review: "The Return of the Defector" - An appreciation of Steve Hackett's albums 1991- 2004 by Andrew Whiteside.

Book Review: "Turn It On Again - Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis" by Dave Thompson - Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Musician's Corner: "Musician's Corner" - Another occasional look at some of the music which has been occupying the TWR Editor's CD player between Genesis albums…