TWR #59 - Contents

Interview: - "Talking about Field Day" - Anthony Phillips gives TWR the low down on his latest album. Interview conducted on Saturday 10th December 2005.

Interview: - "Let's Get Technical" - Anthony Phillips talks to Stuart Barnes about his new recording studio set up and other technical trivia. Interview conducted at Vic Stench's Tea Room and Flayed Otter Emporium on Saturday 10th December 2005.

Article: ABACAB - Part 1 - "The Story of… Abacab" - Continuing TWR's trawl through the archives, here is a look back at yet another important album in the band's story through radio interviews and other material.

Interview: - ABACAB - Part 2 - "What The Band Said" - A look at some of the radio interviews given to promote the Abacab album. Hallam Rock interview 28th September 1981.

CD Reviews: - ABACAB - Part 3 - "Put Another Bootleg On" - A look at some of the unofficial recordings from the 1981 and 1982 tours.

Tour Reviews: - "From blizzard to ice rink" - Memories of the Abacab and Three Sides Live tours by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: - "A peak behind the scenes" - Phil Collins rehearsals for the 2005 First Final Farewell Tour at the Patinoires Du Littoral Neuchatel Switzerland 8th October 2005. Report and photographs by Stuart Holmes.

CD Review: - "Return To The Realm Of Eternal Renewal" - The Steve Hackett re-mastered albums reviewed by Ted Sayers.

DVD Review - "Unwrapping the elusive Peter Gabriel" - Peter Gabriel: Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

DVD Reviews: - "More cuttings from the Forest" - The latest releases by the Epping Forest group reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

DVD Reviews: - "Refugees from the archive" - A look at some of the recent DVD bootlegs. Keeper of the archive: Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: - "Out of the fire and into…. The Limelight" The Carpet Crawlers at The Limelight Club Crewe Thursday 19th January 2006. Review by Alan Hewitt.