TWR #61 - Contents

Due to circumstances beyond our control, some articles and photos have been removed from this issue.

Interview: "Lest We Trespass" - John Mayhew talks exclusively to TWR about his time with Genesis. Interview conducted by Alan Hewitt at the Astoria in London on Sunday 28th May 2006.

Interview: "Just a quick one!"- TWR catches up with Ray Wilson after his gig at Camberley Theatre on Thursday 22nd June. Interview by Stuart Barnes assited by Anthony Hobkinson.

Article: "Far From Conventional" - The 2006 UK Genesis Fan Convention at the Astoria London Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2006 reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Album Review: "The Story Of… The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" - TWR takes a closer look at this milestone (or millstone) of an album through the usual mix of interviews, reviews and other material. Your guide through Rael's underworld, Alan Hewitt.

Interview: PART ONE: "What The Band Said" - Here are some interesting contemporary comments by the band about The Lamb….

Article: PART TWO: "A Trip Down Memory Lane" - Some recollections of The Lamb… tour from both sides of the stage.

CD Reviews: PART THREE: "A Trawl through the archives" - A Look at some of the more interesting recordings from The Lamb… tour.

Gig Review: "Something old, something new..." - Ray Wilson live at the Camberley Theatre, Thursday 22nd June 2006. Reveiw and photos by Stuart Barnes.

Gig Review: "Treading The Boards at The Boardwalk" - The John Hackett Band in concert at The Boardwalk Sheffield on Saturday 20th May 2006. Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: "A loud bang followed by silence"- Face Value live at The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Saturday 1st July 2006. Review by Stuart Barnes.

Gig Review: "Carpet Crawling At The Cavern" - The Carpet Crawlers at The Cavern Club Liverpool Thursday 15th June 2006. Review by Alan Hewitt.

CD Reviews: "Musician's Corner" - The latest round up of non-Genesis music being played at TWR HQ.

CD Reviews: "Deep In The Archives" - Another trawl through the TWR bootleg archive. Your archivist Alan Hewitt presents some of the most recent exhumations from the archive.

Gig Guide: Genesis Gig Guide November 1969 - July 1970 - Compiled by Alan Hewitt.

Article: "Let's Get Quizzical" - The 2006 Genesis Convention Questions and Answers.

Book Review: "In Search Of The Holy Grail" - The Top 200 Worldwide Genesis Rarities By Peter Vickers. Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Book Review: "Painted Red And Gold - The Long Night Of Evan Raby" by Justin Peter Beaney. Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.