TWR #63 - Contents

Due to circumstances beyond our control, some articles and photos have been removed from this issue.

Article: "A Pressing Conference " - Events leading up to the Genesis Press Conference, from the point of view of TWR Webmaster, Stuart Barnes.

Article: The Story of.... Trespass by Alan Hewitt.

Article: "A Tale Of Two Lyrics and three different species of Wild Orchids" - TWR's very own transcription service restores some missing lyrics to one of Mr Hackett's latest offerings. Your scribe for today: Alan Hewitt.

DVD Review: "Transmission Improbable" - Flaming Youth Hilversum TV Studios 10th November 1969. Review by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: "She who must be obeyed… or at least, listened to!" - The new Stiltskin album: She, reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Interview: "The Face Value Interview" - Anthony Hobkinson talks to Face Value members John Wilkinson, Wrexham Thompson, Tony Cole & Will Smith at the Sheldon Marquee, Birmingham 21st October 2006. Photos by Stuart Barnes/TWR.

Gig Review: "Barflies, Carpet Crawlers and other tales of insect life" - The Carpet Crawlers live at The Barfly Liverpool Thursday 7th September 2006. Review by Alan Hewitt. Photos by Sakura.

Gig review: "A long, long way to drive..." - Face Value live at the Sheldon Marquee, Birmingham on Saturday 21st October 2006. Review by Anthony Hobkinson.

Quiz Answers: "Let's get quizzical" - Answers to last issues quiz.