TWR #67 - Contents

An Announcement - A shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's latest book, Genesis Revisited (requires Acrobat Reader). Available to order now at

2007 Convention Report: "My heart belongs to Glasgow...well, for two days anyway!" - The 2007 Genesis Fan Convention reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Tour Report: "4 days in the USA (and Canada)" - A diary of the Canada/US leg of the Turn It On Again Tour by Tony Reynolds.

Interview: "G2 Revelations" - G2 in conversation with Alan Hewitt at Charterhouse Public School on Saturday 3rd November 2007. Photos by Anthony Hobkinson.

Interview: "For the benefit of the tape..." - Los Endos interview, 18th November 2007. Interview conducted by Anthony Hobkinson.

Boxset Review: "Box set blues" - The second Genesis 5.1 box set of albums reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: "Live Over Europe" - The new Genesis live album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

DVD Review: "The Long Goodnight" - DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Book Review: "Chapter and Verse" - The latest book on Genesis by Philip Dodds reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Book Review: "Man Of Spells" - The new boigraphy of Tony Banks by Mario Giametti. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “G2 Live at Charterhouse - 2nd and 3rd November 2007" - Review and photos by Anthony Hobkinson.

Gig Review: Los Endos live at The Seaxe, Brentwood, Essex - Saturday 29th September 2007. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Photo Gallery: “G2 Live at Charterhouse" - Photo gallery by Tony Pennance.

Photo Gallery: “Los Endos Production Rehearsals, Surrey, September-November 2007" - Photo gallery by Anthony Hobkinson.

Article: "From Kew Bridge to a Zorb ball" - Peter Gabriel's tour programmes examined by Alan Hewitt.

Article: "It was 25 years ago to the day..." - Memories of Milton Keynes 2nd October 1982 by Alan Hewitt. Photos by Robert Ellis and Alan Perry.

Article: "It Was 25 Years Ago Today" - Memories of the 1982 Encore Tour by Ted Sayers.