TWR #70 - Contents

An Announcement - A shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's latest book, Genesis Revisited (requires Acrobat Reader). Available to order now at

CD Review: “Waiting for the big one…” The Genesis 1970- 1975 Box set reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Interview: "Voyage of the Bakolite" - Alan Hewitt talks to Dik Cadbury.

DVD Review: “For Members Only” - The new official fan club DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “A Feast For The Ears” - John Hackett’s new album, Prelude To Summer reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “Smoke and Mirrors ” The Musical Box present … A Trick Of The Tail in concert at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool Tuesday 14th October 2008. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Article: “The Story of… From Genesis To Revelation” Narrated by Alan Hewitt.

Article: From Genesis To Revelation UK Discography

Article: From Genesis To Revelation Gig Guide

Article: “Don't fold that programme!” - A fresh look at Genesis’ tour programmes by Alan Hewitt.

Article: The A To Z Of Genesis Gigs. Part Two: Europe, The Far East and Australasia.

Article: “Through a Glass - Darkly” The story of Peter Gabriel II. Narrated by Alan Hewitt. Photos and memorabilia courtesy of Mic Smith and Ted Sayers.

Article: Peter Gabriel II - Track by Track

Article: Peter Gabriel II - UK Discography

Article: Peter Gabriel II Gig Guide 1978

Article: Mike + The Mechanics 1986 “Miracle Tour” Gig Guide

Article: “All I need is a mechanic” - The story of Mike + The Mechanics' debut album. Your grease monkey: Alan Hewitt.

Article: Mike + The Mechanics - Track by Track by Alan Hewitt.

Article: Mike + The Mechanics UK Discography

Article: Musicians Corner