TWR #71 - Contents

An Announcement - A shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's book, Genesis Revisited (requires Acrobat Reader). Available to order now at

Another Announcement - Another shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's latest book, Sketches of Hackett (requires Acrobat Reader). Available to pre-order now at Wymer Publishing.

Tour Report: “The Italian Job 2009” - TWR’s roving reporter on duty again as Steve Hackett takes to the road in Italy. Report by Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Alan Hewitt and Roger Salem.

Article: “The Saga Of GTR” retold by Paul Gibbon.

DVD Review: “Saw it on the TV” - A look at some of the more recent bootleg compilations and other footage by Alan Hewitt.

Article: “A Second Oil Change” - The Story of Mike + The Mechanics’ Living Years album retold by Alan Hewitt. Concert photography by Ted Sayers and Guido Truffer.

Article: Living Years UK Discography

Article: Living Years Gig Guide

Article: Living Years - Track By Track

Gig Review: “One More Night In Burslem” - Face Value live at the Green Star Burslem on Saturday 7th February 2009. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Article: Musicians Corner