TWR #72 - Contents

An Announcement - A shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's book, Genesis Revisited (requires Acrobat Reader). Available to order now at

Another Announcement - Another shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's latest book, Sketches of Hackett (requires Acrobat Reader). Available now at Wymer Publishing.

Interview: "Catching The Last Train To Twickenham" - Steve Hackett in conversation about his new album and other projects. Interview conducted by Alan Hewitt at Steve's home on Saturday 13th June 2009. Photographs: Alan Hewitt/ Lehmann.

Interview: "Encounters With a kilted maniac - I mean bass player!" TWR catches up for a quick chat with Steve Hackett's latest bass player, Nick Beggs. Photographs by Alan Hewitt and Roger Salem.

CD Review: "Out Of The Tunnels Mouth" - a review of Steve Hackett's new album by Stuart Barnes.

Gig Review: Steve Hackett Live at “The Night of The Prog Festival IV” Loreley, Germany – 10/11 July 2009 - Gig report by Paul Gibbon.

Article: “Completing the Sketches….” - A behind the scenes look at the creation of Sketches Of Hackett by Alan Hewitt.

Article: "The Story Of Sides" - With the album celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, I thought it was about time to tell the story of this Anthony Phillips classic album. Article by Alan Hewitt. Memorabilia courtesy of Jonathan Dann.

DVD Review: "Saw It On TV..." - A round-up of some new DVDs that have arrived at TWR HW. Reviews by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “We definitely know what we like!“ - Face Value live at the Moses Gate, Bolton, Saturday 11th July 2009. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Article: Musicians Corner

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