TWR #73 - Contents

An Announcement - A shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's book, Genesis Revisited (requires Acrobat Reader). Available to order now at Record Corner's Amazon webshop.

Another Announcement - Another shameless plug for Alan Hewitt's latest book, Sketches of Hackett (requires Acrobat Reader). Available now at Wymer Publishing.

Interview: “Taking Sides and other tales of eccentric librarianship” - Anthony Phillips in conversation with TWR about his recent projects and work with Steve Hackett. Interview conducted at Chez Stench on Saturday 14th November 2009 by Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Stuart Barnes.

Interview: “Saxes With Wolves And Other Tales Of Madness” TWR talks to Rob Townsend and Gary O’Toole about their careers and work with Steve Hackett. Interviews conducted by Alan Hewitt. Photos By Alan Hewitt , Stuart Barnes and Roger Salem.

Boxset Review: “Live not Memorex” - The Genesis Live 1973 - 2007 box set reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “A Curious Re-issue” - The remastered editions of Tony Banks’ A Curious Feeling album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth” - Steve Hackett’s new album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Dances With Cockroaches and other TV oddities” - Pathways & Promenades, The latest in the Missing Links series of albums by Anthony Phillips reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Tour Report: “From The Steppes To Buxton Opera House and beyond!” - This year’s Steve Hackett UK tour report by our roving reporter Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Alan Hewitt, Stuart Barnes, Kevin Fearn, David Roberts and Lee Millward. Memorabilia: TWR Archive.

Gig Review: “Summer’s End And A New Beginning” - Steve Hackett in concert at the Summer’s End Festival Lydney Town Hall Gloucestershire Friday 9th October 2009. Review and photographs by Alan Hewitt.

Photo Gallery: Steve Hackett live at Sheperd's Bush Empire, Saturday 14th November 2009. Photos by Stuart Barnes and Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “It’s been a long time…. Hasn’t it?” - ReGenesis in concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire Theatre London on Saturday 28th November 2009. Review by Alan Hewitt. Photographs from the soundcheck and gig by Stuart Barnes.

Gig Review: “All In A Cameraman‘s Night” - The Carpet Crawlers live at the Old Red Lion, Little Sutton on Thursday 24th September 2009. Review and photographs by Alan Hewitt.

Article: “THE STORY OF…. M6” - Mike and The Mechanics’ sixth album revisited. Your navigator this time round, Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Jon Guntrip and Jill Walker. Memorabilia: TWR Archive.

Article: The A-Z of Genesis Gigs. Compiled by Alan Hewitt.

Article: M6 Videography

Article: M6 UK Discography

Article: M6 Gig Guide

Article: “Revisiting The Parts and Pieces” - The Story of the first Private Parts & Pieces album retold by Alan Hewitt.

Article: Listeners/Viewers Corner - The latest material to be given a viewing/listening at TWR HQ.