TWR #93 - Contents

Interview: “You can never have a chord too far” - Tony Banks in conversation with Alan Hewitt about his forthcoming compilation set and album re-issues. Interierw conducted at The Farm Studio on Saturday 27th June 2015. Photos by Frank Rogers and Stuart Barnes, Charisma and Virgin Records.

Interview: "The MacPhail Monologue" - Richard MacPhail talks to TWR about Anon, Genesis and much more. Interview conducted at Vic's place Charango Emporium on Tuesday 24th February 2015. Photos by Stuart Barnes, Decca Records, Brian Roberts, Marcia Mence and Jeff Lawton. Memorabilia: TWR Archive/ Mino Profumo/Richard MacPhail. Voices from stage left: Mr A Phillips.

Interview: "Interview with a Vampire" - Ian Waugh, with cross held high in hand, encounters Paul Gosling, director of the video for Steve Hackett's song, “Love Song To A Vampire”. Was twilight a wise meeting time?

Gig Reviews: Steve Hackett in the Land of the Midnight Sun: Review of two concerts with Steve Hackett, Todmobile, Orchestra and Choir in Rekjavik and Akureyri, Iceland, January 16 & 17, 2015 by Jack Beerman. (PDF download).

CD Review: Wolflight - album reviewed by Jill Walker.

Article: "Twenty Eight, not out" - Your Editor looks back at the ongoing history of TWR.