TWR #96 - Contents

Interview: “How to tame your axe and other stories” - Steve Hackett gets technical for TWR. Interview conducted by Gary Lucas at Steve’s home on 8th february 2016. Photographs by: Alan Perry, Stuart Barnes and Alan Hewitt. Memorabilia: TWR Archive/Mino Profumo.

Interview: “Tell us about your latest projects Mr Hackett…” - TWR talks to Steve about his recent touring and recording efforts. Interview conducted at Steve’s home on 8th February 2016 by Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Stuart Barnes, Nick Brailsford and Roger Salem. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

Interview: “Caught in the act… well, almost!” Nad Sylvan talks to TWR about his new album. Photographs courtesy of Jo Hackett, Mike Ainscoe and Lee Millward.

CD Review: “The Fugitive from Fame” – Tony Banks’ recent re-issues reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “For perverts only and other stories” - the second batch of Phil Collins re-issues examined by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Stupid before the occurrence… oh no, we’ve done that!” Anthony Phillips’ Wise After The Event album reissue reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Courting The Widow” – The new album by Nad Sylvan reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Seconds out" - Winds of Change, the new album by Dik Cadbury reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Balancing the equation” - Equations of Meaning, the new album by Tony Patterson reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Tour Report: “One L of a tour” - last year’s roving Steve Hackett tour report by Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: "Little Dreams Foundation Dreaming On The Beach Gala" – Phil Collins at Miami Beach’s Fillmore, March 11th 2016. Review by Robert Alderman.

Gig Review: "Back to the past and present" - Steve Hackett in concert at the Venue Cymru Llandudno on 21st October 2015. Review by Ian Waugh. Photographs by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: Steve Hackett - Acolyte to Wolflight in concert at the Lyric Theatre, The Lowry Salford, 25th October 2015. Review and photographs by Mike Ainscoe.

Gig Review: “There definitely was some misunderstanding!” - Mama in concert at The Forum Theatre Chester on Saturday 23rd January 2016. Review by Alan “rabid dog” Hewitt. Photographs by David Broome.

Gig Review: “Pushing the boat (or in this case the album) out” - the launch party for John Hackett’s Another Life album. Kensington London on 28th September 2015 remembered by Dave Kennedy. Photographs courtesy of Nick Magnus.

Gig Review: The Watch at the Robin, Bilston, 15 November 2015. Review and photos by Dave Kennedy.

Article: "The invited guest part…I’ve lost count!" - Steve Hackett’s most recent collaborations and guest appearances examined by Alan Hewitt.

Article: “Style over substance: the reissues craze” - A fans’ dilemma by Alan Hewitt.

Article: Musician's Corner