"That was the news that was..." - A retrospective look at the news stories covered by TWR and The Pavilion over the past thirteen years

As its title suggests, this feature is a backwards glance at the news items we have reported here in the pages of TWR and The Pavilion over the past years. Hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane...

TWR #1 - August, 1987

  • Genesis complete their massive Invisible Touch tour with a record-breaking four night stint at Wembley Stadium between July 1 and July 4, 1987. The band also contribute material to soundtracks for the films "Mona Lisa" and "When The Wind Blows".
  • Phil scheduled to play the lead role in the film about the life of Great Train Robber, "Buster" Edwards.
  • Peter Gabriel's "So" tour continues into Europe after highly successful US and UK shows.
Four nights, four tickets: Genesis at Wembley, 1987

TWR #2 - September, 1987

  • Peter Gabriel receives series of nominations for awards in the US including "Best Video" for "Sledgehammer". His tour in support of the "So" album continues... The "Secret Policeman's Third Ball" charity concert featuring both Peter and Kate Bush released. Peter's anti-apartheid anthem "Biko" was also reissued to coincide with the release of "Cry Freedom", the film documentation of the African leader's life by Richard Attenborough.
  • Phil wins the "Best Songwriter" award at the ACSCAP awards in the USA - the award was for the most records played on US radio, rather than for single/album sales.
  • Mike and Tony in studio working on solo projects.
  • Anthony Phillips currently working on another album in the "Private Parts & Pieces" series.
  • David Palmer releases his orchestral interpretation of the music of Genesis titled "We Know What We Like".
  • Steve Hackett rumoured to have left GTR and currently at work on a new solo album.
Symphonic progressive - the circle is now complete The re-released live version of "Biko"

TWR #3 - October, 1987

  • Peter Gabriel's "CV" video released.
  • Anthony Phillips' seventh album in the "Private Parts & Pieces" series released, titled "Slow Waves, Soft Stars", this release appears in the USA only.

TWR #4 - November, 1987

  • Work on the "Buster" film has now been completed and the film is due for release in September. "Phil Collins - The 12 Inchers" compact disc single released, this is Phil's first CD single release.
  • Peter's performances at the Jingu Stadium in December 1986 have been released on a video titled "Hurrican Irene". The video was also screened on the Independent TV networks in the UK. A new biography of Peter has been written by Spencer Bright. Peter's tour finally ended with a series of gigs in Athens in late October which were filmed for a possible future video release.
  • Steve Hackett's new album "Momentum" scheduled for release on March 28 with a UK tour to follow in May.
Steve's "Momentum" - Cover art by Kim Poor

TWR #5 - December, 1987

  • Steve Hackett commences his UK tour beginning at April 27 at Warwick University. Further dates in Europe and possibly the USA are still to be confirmed. Reports also received that Steve is at work on a new rock album with Brian May and Chris Thompson amongst others.
  • Genesis play at the anniversary celebrations for Atlantic Records' fortieth birthday with a gig at Madison Square Garden on May 15.
  • Peter collaborates with Joni Mitchell on her new album "Chalkmark In The Rain".

TWR #6 - October, 1988

  • Phil Collins releases first single from the soundtrack to the "Buster" movie a cover version of "A Groovy Kind Of Love". The film itself gained its Royal premiere on September 15.
  • Peter Gabriel takes part in the "Human Rights Now!" shows in support of Amnesty International. The tour begins with a gig at Wembley Stadium on September 2 and ends in Buenos Aires on October 15. Peter also contributed music to the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's controversial film "The Last Temptation Of Christ"
  • Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford all reported at work on solo projects.
Phil's "A Groovy Kind of Love", from the film "Buster" Ticket for the "Human Rights Now!" gig at Wembley, 1988

TWR #7 - January , 1989

  • "Buster" finally released in the UK on October 7. Phil is currently at work on a new solo album scheduled for release later this year.
  • Anthony Phillips' collaborative album with Harry Williamson, "Tarka", released in November 1988 along with a single taken from the album which appeared on both vinyl and compact disc formats.
  • Mike & The Mechanics' new single from their forthcoming album released on October 17 and is called "Nobody's Perfect". The new album from the band is to be called "The Living Years" and is scheduled to be released shortly.
The sleeve art for Ant Phillips' "Tarka"

TWR #8 - April, 1989

  • Mike & The Mechanics tour the UK and Europe in support of the recently issued "Living Years" album. A second single from the album - the title track - was released on January 27 and reached the number two position in the UK charts.
  • Anthony Phillips currently at work on another album in the "Private Parts & Pieces" series.
  • Phil Collins scooped the pool at the recent BPI awards in London with awards for the "Buster" soundtrack as well as winning in the "Best Male Artist" category. His wife Jill is also expecting their first child.

TWR #9 - June, 1989

  • Steve Hackett's back catalogue albums re-issued on compact disc by Virgin Records.
  • Mike & The Mechanics complete their European tour and a tour of the USA. The band also released the third single from their new album in April.
  • The video of the "Invisible Touch" tour filmed at the band's last gigs at Wembley has finally been released under the title "The Invisible Touch Tour". The video was shot in the new Sony Hi Definition film and initial copies came complete with a one track cd of a live version of "Domino".
  • Peter Gabriel released the track he co-wrote on Youssou N'Dour's new album "The Lion" - called "Shaking The Tree". Peter's soundtrack from "The Last Temptation Of Christ" is scheduled for release later this year under the title of "Passion".
  • Anthony Phillips' new album nearing completion.
  • Tony Banks' new solo album now completed although a release date is not available yet.
  • Phil still at work on his follow-up to the "Buster" soundtrack.
Mike & The Mechanics 1989 tour tickets

TWR #10 - September, 1989

  • The first single from Tony's new album was released on August 4. Titled "Throwback" it is available on 7", 12" and cassette and cd formats. The new album "Bankstatement" was itself released on August 14.
  • Mike & The Mechanics appeared at this year's Prince's Trust Gala concert along with Phil and this is due to be televised. The Mechanics have also released a cover of The Beatles' classic "Revolution" as part of a film soundtrack in the US. Mike's first solo album "Smallcreep's Day" has finally been issued on compact disc both in the UK and USA.
  • Anthony Phillips had some of his library music used in a "Survival" wildlife special on Hong Kong titled "Land Of Dragons". His new solo album should be available early next year.
  • Peter Gabriel is reported to be releasing a single from the "Passion" soundtrack. The track selected is "A Different Drum" and this release will be solely for the US market.
  • Phil took time out from his new album to play the part of "Dirty Uncle Ernie" as part of The Who's rock opera "Tommy" in Los Angeles. There is also a scheduled video compilation release later this year along with Phil's new album.

The sleeve art for "Throwback" from Tony Banks' "Bankstatement"