"Let's get quizzical" - A TWR brainteaser for all you anoraks out there. Your quizmaster: Alan Hewitt.

OK folks, here are the answers to last issue's quiz. There are no prozes for getting the questions right and we are more than happy for you to disagee with our accounting, especially where amounts of albums have been asked for!

1. Who is the only member of Genesis to have a degree in music? Ant Phillips
2. How many official Videos (VHS NOT DVD) have the band released? 8
3. How many tracks were contained on the Calling All Stations promotional album sampler? 7
4. Which track on the new Steve Hackett album, Wild Orchids is an instrumental version of another track on the same album? She Moves In Memories
5. Which Beatles track did Mike & The Mechanics cover for a film soundtrack? Revolution
6. Which unreleased track appeared on the 3" CD single release of Sledgehammer? Don't Break This Rhythm
7. Who was the guest vocalist on Phil's 1998 Big Band tour? Oleta Adams
8. Who was originally intended as vocalist for the Smallcreep's Day album? Paul Carrack
9. Who (or what) was the star of the This Is Love promotional video? An Iguana
10. What was the original working title of the Sides album? Balls
11. How many studio albums has Steve Hackett released? 17
12. Where did Genesis originally intend to start their tour for The Lamb… album prior to Steve's accident? Newcastle
13. What was the name of the first official Genesis fanclub? The Hogweed Youth Movement
14. How many Genesis tribute bands are there currently in the UK? 4 (Active bands. G2, Genesis - In The Cage, Carpet Crawlers, Face Value. ReGenesis are currently MiA)
15. Where did the only UK gig by Ray Wilson's band, Cut take place? The Room At The Top Club, Bathgate, Scotland
16. Who wrote the opening music for the "Story Of Genesis" documentary? Ant Phillips
17. What is the connection between Steve Hackett and Rick Wakeman? Chas Cronk
18. Which Victorian novel's final lines are paraphrased in a Genesis track title? Wuthering Heights
19. How many studio albums has Ray Wilson released? 3
20. Who were the controversial sponsors of the 1986 Invisible Touch US tour? Michelob

There you go, folks, I think that's enough of a teaser for you to be getting on with. The answers will be published in the next edition so you have plenty of time to do your research - have fun!

N.B. This quiz is just for fun. There are no prizes for getting these questions right! Please go to the Competition Time page for the chance to win prizes.