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Hello and welcome to the Quarantine Edition of TWR. Yes folks, your editor has been self isolating like a good citizen and putting my time to good use.

Quarantine: Day 204
Work on my tunnel out of Merseyside is proceeding very well, considering I am using serving spoons to dig it.
If my sense of direction is any good, I am writing this from somewhere under Warrington. I hope to be out of the Tier 3 zone sometime soon...

Back in the slightly more realistic world of Genesis and associated artists, the latest news seems to be of gig cancellations and postponements.
The big news is that Genesis have re-scheduled the Last Domino tour until April 2021.

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Other news just in at TWR HQ is that music rehearsals for the tour are complete and the band have now moved on to pre-tour production rehearsals (with lights, staging, etc).

Steve Hackett has re-scheduled all of his gigs between the year's beginning onwards. At least we have the new live album/dvd from last year's show at the Hammersmith Odeon to enjoy. Steve is also currently hard at work on several new projects, including his first acoustic album since 2008's Tribute. Under A Mediterranean Sky is scheduled for release on 22nd January 2021. We hope to have more news on that and Steve's other projects in our next edition.

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Anthony Phillips continues to work on new library and other projects within the current constraints of Lockdown and Esoteric Records have reissued the Living Room Concert CD and a review of this can be found elsewhere in this edition.

Ray Wilson has embarked upon a crowdfunding exercise for his next album as well as resuming gigging within similar Social Distancing parameters

That really is all we have for you on the news front so we will let you get on with perusing the rest of the new edition - enjoy!

Alan Hewitt
A tunnel under Warrington (probably)
October 2020


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