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Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of TWR, we hope you enjoy it but before you get down to the rest of it, here is the news…

Tony Banks released his “5” album on 23rd February and you can read a review of the album and interview with Tony about it later in this edition. Congratulations to Tony for reaching the number one spot in the Classical charts with the album.

Phil recently toured South America performing the gigs on his extended Not Dead Yet Live tour over there. We hope to have a couple of reviews from the gigs in our next edition. The compilation of collaborations and guest appearances mentioned in our previous edition is still scheduled for release on 17th June but further details as to title and content are, as yet, unavailable but we hope to have more information about it in our next edition.

Phil’s old stalwarts in Brand X have a new live album out - Locked & Loaded, and there is also finally to be a documentary film covering their career - Brand X The Desert Years which has been put together by long time fan, Sylvain Despretz. We hope to have a long overdue feature on the band and its story from Sylvain in our next edition and we have a review of one of their recent US gigs elsewhere in this edition.

Steve Hackett is currently out on tour in North and South America as part of the ongoing Genesis Revisited activities. He is also at work on a new album which should see the light of day later this year. Steve will also be bringing an orchestra on the road with him for a series of gigs in the UK in October. We hope to have a chat with Steve about his ongoing activities in our next edition.

Anthony Phillips has continued to work on several library projects as well as tentatively putting together material for a long overdue album of his own. We hope to have further information about these and a chat with him next time.

Peter Gabriel’s current activities are unknown to us although rumour has it that he is at work on new material. There is no further information about the release of the Rockpalast film from 1978 mentioned in our previous edition.

Mike & The Mechanics are also on the road for a short tour in the USA and TWR’s roving reporters’ reviews of some of these gigs can be read elsewhere in this edition. There are no further touring plans for the band at present although it is to be hoped that they may perform here in the UK and in |Europe again before year’s end. The film made at one of last year’s gigs in New York is also scheduled for broadcast on US TV networks in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Ray Wilson’s incessant round of touring in mainland Europe continues unabated with still no sign of any gigs here in the UK which is a shame. No doubt he will have a new album ready at some point and we hope to have more information on Ray’s activities next time.

And that is just about it for the news this time round. Enjoy the rest of this edition.

Alan Hewitt
August 2018


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