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Hello, and welcome to this, the 98th edition of TWR… the magic 100 beckons eh? Anyway, on with the news….

Phil Collins has been a very busy boy recently. Following on from the re-issue of his entire back catalogue, Universal Records issued a two and three CD set - Phil Collins The Singles on 14th October. A review of this can be found elsewhere in this edition. Phil’s autobiography, the humorously titled “Not Dead Yet” was also published by Random House on 20th October and in between that Phil was in the UK for a round of promotional duties which saw TWR catch up with him for a long overdue chat about these and other things which you will have read in our previous issue folks. Phil’s singles collection hit the number two slot in the UK charts and the book is in the best seller lists so well done Phil!

Not so well done, however, was the handling of the sale of tickets for Phil’s run of gigs at the Royal Albert Hall which saw most genuine fans firmly left out on the cold thanks to a ludicrous organisational decision which left pretty much all of the tickets in the hands of what can only be called a legitimate (although that’s NOT the word I would use but TWR is a family magazine after all) touting site and offered for absolutely outrageous fees. This kind of behaviour is sadly all too familiar to fans these days but even so, it does not reflect well on Phil even though he will have had absolutely nothing to do with these arrangements! An additional gig headlining the Hyde Park Festival on 30th June 2017 was announced on 8th November which may go some way to redressing the disappointment felt by many over the previous gigs.

Esoteric Records continued their excellent custodianship of Anthony Phillips’ back catalogue with the re-issue on 23rd September of the next four albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series along with yet another bonus disc of previously unheard material. We have an exclusive interview with Ant later on in this edition about the series and his current activities, and we have also taken time to revisit our interviews with him on all of the albums in the series covered by both box sets to date, extracts from which are included in the excellent essay by Jonathan Dann that accompanies them.. And great news for me at least, with the promised release of the mighty Slow Dance album next year but you can read more about that later in this edition…

Steve Hackett continues to work on his next studio album and has already announced his next UK tour for May 2017 along with US dates before that and his inaugural visit to Australia and New Zealand also scheduled for next August. Advertised as celebration the fortieth anniversary of Steve’s swansong album with Genesis - Wind & Wuthering, this is a continuation of the Genesis Revisited + shows which have been the norm for the last few years but we are sure Steve will have some surprises in store and we hope to have a chat with Steve about his new album and plans for the tour once the album is complete.

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Your editor with some muso types...

Ray Wilson’s new album Makes Me Think Of Home was released on 7th October to excellent reviews from fans and critics alike. TWR’s review can be found elsewhere in this edition. Ray is still on tour in Europe and a review of some of his shows by Ina Schneider can be found elsewhere in this issue.

Mike & The Mechanics completed their recent outing to Europe with a gig in Zoetermeer on 2nd October at which Mike celebrated his birthday - a bit drier from Milton Keynes, eh Mike? Work continues on the follow up album to 2011’s The Road, and a couple more new tracks were road tested at these gigs. It is hoped that the album may be ready in time for the UK tour next February/March and we hope to catch up with Mike for a chat about his recent activities in the near future.

There is no definite news on Peter Gabriel’s current activities although the recent release of several tracks from film soundtracks indicates that he is still very much alive and well. The announcement of the UK/European leg of the Rock, Scissors Paper tour has yet to be made but we hope to have more news on that next time.

Tony Banks is still at work on the extended re-working of “Arpegg” the orchestral piece he premiered at the Cheltenham Festival. There is no news as to exactly what format this will take, although we hope to have more news about it for you all next time.

And that is it for the news right now. We should like to take the opportunity to thank Ant and Phil for giving up their time recently to talk to us and also grateful thanks to Jo Greenwood for all her help and encouragement and to all the contributors to what is yet another bumper edition. So, enough of my waffling, what are you waiting for - get reading!

Alan Hewitt
January 2017


I apologise profusely for the lateness in making this issue available.

I've just been laid off at work and I've had to prioritise things.

Happy New Year!

Stuart Barnes
February 2017


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