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Hello, and welcome to this, our hundredth edition. Quite an achievement eh? Oh, and by the way it is also our THIRTIETH anniversary to boot. Happy birthday to us and all that! Seriously though folks, back in 1987 when the ever so ‘umble first edition of The Waiting Room appeared I (and I am sure my other cohorts at the time) never had any idea that we would still be going strong so many years and so may editions later! The fact that we have is due not only to my evident insanity, but also the insanity of a LOT of other people: YOU the fans without whom none of it would have been possible or necessary so take a bow you lot, you deserve it. I won’t single anyone out for special thanks apart from one person: Mr Stuart Barnes under whose stewardship since 2003, the good ship TWR has gone from strength to strength. He had a full head of hair when he took the job on folks! So did I and it was a truly beautiful thing!

One measure of exactly how far TWR has come since our first issue is not only in the quality of the contributions to it but where they have come from and we can say with absolute honesty that TWR is now an international magazine as evidenced by contributions this time from… An Italian, two Americans, a Canadian, a German and a New Zealander… oh, and a host of folks from various parts of the UK too, of course!
Grateful thanks are also do to the various band members without whom we would have nothing to write about and our gratitude goes to each and every one of them for the magic and the music that has kept us all entertained over the years. Grateful thanks also to those awesome people who go under the collective title “The Management” and in particular to Brian Coles, Adrian Holmes, Annie Callingham, Annie Parsons, Mary Lane, Carol Willis and Joanne Greenwood and the legend that is Tony Smith who have not only put up with us but who have positively encouraged us in our madness. Thanks also to the good people at Universal Records, Warner Records, Atlantic Records, Voiceprint/Blueprint Records, Real World Music, Camino Records, Inside Out Music, Hackettsongs, and all the other record companies who have kept us liberally stocked with competition prizes etc.

We also extend our grateful thanks to the road crews who have helped stage the gigs and who have been equally helpful on occasions and in particular to Dale Newman, Steve “Pud” Jones, Alan Comer, Tim Brockman, Richard Buckland, Tigger Matthews, Ben Fenner and anyone else we may have encountered at a gig or sound check - we appreciate your efforts chaps and chappesses!

Right, that’s the thank you’s out of the way, here is the news….

The rumour mill has continued to grind with regard to Phil adding more gigs to his Not Dead Yet tour. One cheeky advert was even placed stating that three shows in Chicago were happening in October! Naughty or what?! Our reports on the shows can be read later in this edition. Sadly, Phil’s health problems led to the postponement of the last two of his gigs at the Royal Albert Hall until November due to an injury sustained due to his mobility problems.

Esoteric Records have continued their Anthony Phillips reissues campaign with the release of the magnificent Slow Dance on 16th June with subsequent reissues of Invisible Men and Private Parts & Pieces IX - XI following later this year. We hope to have an interview with Anthony about these releases in our next edition and the review of Slow Dance can be found elsewhere in this issue.

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Tony Banks has been hard at work writing and recording a new orchestral project. Rehearsals with the City Of Prague Orchestra took place in March and it is hope the resulting album will be ready later this year. As we understand it, this project is not the expanded version of “Arpegg” but something completely different and we hope to have more news on it next time and hopefully a chat with Tony about it as well.

Mike & The Mechanics concluded their highly successful Word of Mouth UK tour with a rescheduled gig at Leicester’s De Montfort Hall on 30th March and are scheduled to be touring in Europe throughout September. A couple of US gigs also took place in April (a review of which can be found later in this edition) with the prospect of a more extensive US tour next year. The new album, Let me Fly entered the UK charts at the number nine position so well done, guys! The band celebrated their success with an end of tour show at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire theatre on 10th October with proceeds from it going to the Diabetes UK charity. A US tour is also scheduled for spring next year so the Mechanics are back with a vengeance.

Ray Wilson continues to gig extensively throughout Europe and rumours have reached us of a series of UK gigs later this year, his first since 2009. Hopefully this will be the case, and we shall keep you informed if we get more information on this. A live album, Time And Distance has also been released and a review of it will be in our next edition.

Steve Hackett’s new album The Night Siren was released on 24th March and currently Steve and the band are on the road promoting it and also celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the legendary Wind & Wuthering album. This is truly a world tour with shows in the US, Canada Europe and UK already performed, and dates in New Zealand, Australia Hong Kong and Indonesia pencilled in for later this year with more exotic locations possibly to come! You can read Steve’s thoughts about the new album later in this edition along with film producer Paul Gosling’s marvellous behind the scenes look at the filming for the promotional videos for the album and its predecessor, Wolflight as well.. A Tale of Fire and Ice indeed!

There is still no definite news on exactly what Peter Gabriel is up to at present.

And that is the news for this edition…

Alan Hewitt
August 2017


100 issues. That's an impressive milestone. 30 years. Another one. I've only been on board since issue #48 and that was only 14 years ago, so really it's Alan that deserves the credit for keeping the site going. I merely take his scribblings and assemble them on web pages. Thinking about it, they really were scribblings when I first started in 2003. I can still remember being given a written copy of #66 and having to firstly decipher Alan's handwriting and then type it all out. Yep, every word in every article. We were real men back then... Nowadays, thankfully Alan has a computer and he is able to e-mail everything to me. I still have to copy, paste and re-format things, but at least I don't have to type much. In fact I get to read the whole thing as I assemble it, which is fun, as I know that I am the first person other than the author to see the issues before they are made public. Whilst I do correct as many spelling mistakes as I can, I'm sure that some get through. Still, we're only human, aren't we?

Enjoy the issue. For what it's worth, there are over 200 photos and images in it. I should know as I had to process, format and upload each one, as well as create thumbnail versions. After all that, I'm off for a cuppa!

Stuart Barnes
September 2017


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