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Well, here we are once again folks after the mammoth celebrations for our thirtieth anniversary and 100th edition(s) we hope this one is not a disappointment! Speaking of anniversaries, there are several coming up in the next twelve or so months and so you will forgive us if we get a bit sentimental and take a few trips back throughout this edition to revisit them…

First of all some Peter Gabriel news. Most fans will have seen or at least heard of the legendary broadcast by Peter and his band from the Rockpalast TV series in 1978? News indicates that Peter has recently acquired the rights to this broadcast and so it may be released officially at some point. Whether there will be any extra content to that which is already in circulation is anyone’s guess! Still no news on any new material from Peter but something must be in the offing by now! Recent news reports indicate that Sting is keen to bring the Rock, Scissors, Paper tour to the UK and Europe next year. No details are available yet but we hope that this is the case.
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“ Now, Peter, about this interview…”

The indefatigable Steve Hackett is already hard at work on the follow up to The Night Siren album and will be on the road again next year with further Genesis Revisited shows which will include more solo material and also tracks from the GTR album. We hope to have more information on this next time round. The new live DVD/CD/Blu Ray “Wuthering Nights In Birmingham” is now scheduled for release on 18th January 2018 and a review will follow in our next edition.. The film was premiered with a screening in London on 15th January 2018 along with a Q & A with Steve and you can read more about that later in this edition. Of course, next year also sees the 40th anniversary of the release of Please Don’t Touch and to celebrate this, we have a feature on the album and Steve’s first solo outing later in this issue.

Esoteric Records con tined their Anthony Phillips reissue programme with the release on 13th October 2017 of the two disc Invisible Men album. A review of this can be found elsewhere in this edition and we hope to have a chat with Anthony about this in our next edition. The reissues campaign should be completed by the reissue in December of the last three volumes in the Private Parts & Pieces series accompanied by another selection of bonus material.

Phil Collins returned to the UK in November for a further series of shows as part of his Not Dead Yet Live tour . A further release documenting many of the collaborations that Phil has taken part in over the years is in preparation and we hope to have more information on this next time. Phil has also announced a major South American tour for spring next year with dates in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Costa Rica taking place in February/March.

Congratulations also to Richard Macphail, whose book: My Book Of Genesis was released with a press launch at Daunt bookstore in London on Tuesday 28th November. The launch was attended by some very special guests and you can read our review of the book and the launch elsewhere in this edition.

Tony Banks’ new orchestral album “5” was released by BMG Music on 2nd February. You can read our interview with him about this in this very edition.

And that is just about all the news for this edition folks. Enjoy the rest of the issue!

Alan Hewitt
April 2018


101, eh? I am partial to a bit of Depeche Mode from time to time, but I don't think this is the place to discuss it...

So, it's done. Dusted. My collection is complete. It's only taken the best part of 15 years to do, but I've done it. I finally got to meet Peter Gabriel. That's all 5 members of the classic lineup met face to face, plus Anthony Phillips, Tony Smith, Richard MacPhail and The Mechanics, not to mention Dale Newman, Geoff Callingham and Jo Greenwood (I did just mention them, didn't I?). Yay! And who would have thought that I'd bump into Peter Gabriel in a bookshop in Notting Hill? Such an unassuming place for such an event, and no security, either. No guards on the door wanting to see a ticket or invite. The shop was open to the public. It was only at the back that there was a small throng of people lining up at a table, not for books or autographs, but for a glass of wine. How civilised...! Alan and I got chatting with photographer Robert Ellis and I was a good couple of minutes into this before I turned around to see Peter standing right behind me. Alan was the first to seize the opportunity for a photo. He gave me his glass of wine and whilst in pose asked the all important question shown as the caption to the photo above. Peter's reply was typically Peter. "Er... maybe". Turning around with two glasses in my hand, I could see the camera about to take the photo of the pair of them, so I did the only thing I could with no spare hands. I grinned and photobombed them! Alan and I swapped places and as he was the one taking the photo, I had both his and my glasses of wine still in my hands. I really don't drink that much, honest! Elsewhere, I bumped into Mike and Steve, the former giving the latter tips on writing an autobiography, and then Tony. Finding myself and the end of the line of people asking for autographs, I found myself standing opposite Tony and so with nowhere to go for a fewe moments, I thought to strike up a conversation with him. Long story short, I now know why Tony isn't known for his smalltalk. What I did get from that was a rather amusing story to tell people when I am parties. I also managed to grab Mike for a photo, and as can be seen from the result, it was also photobombed. By Steve. Working around the room, I also bumped into Jo Greenwood and caught her up with things. I have a job now! I spent more time bringing her up to date with that development than we did talking about Genesis...! Not far from her was Hugh Padgham, who I spoke to for a few minutes. There's an interview there, as and when I can find the time. Finally, word got around that there was a famous drummer from a massive rock band in the room. Sure enough, it was Nick Mason from Pink Floyd. There was only enough time for a photo and a handshake, but given how many other famous people were in the room, there still weren't enough to go around. Last, and certainly not least was Richard MacPhail himself. He was his usual happy self and he took the time to talk to people, shake hands, pose for photos and sign copies of his book. After all, that's why we were all there. What a completely surreal and wonderful evening it was.

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Stuart Barnes
April 2017


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