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Hello, and welcome to yet another Lockdown edition of TWR. Good riddance to 2020 eh? Let's hope that 2021 is a better year for all of us, especially those musician chaps and chappesses who are keen to get back on the road to entertain us. Has Cabin Fever set in yet with you guys and girls yet? Hey, that's what TWR is there for, to provide a bit of light relief for Y'all! And to keep your editor from finally climbing the walls! As we head into out 34th year at least we are still here and hopefully will be for some time yet.

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The ongoing saga of the will they-won't they go ahead Genesis gigs took a new twist on Friday 22nd January 2021 when it was announced that the gigs, initially rescheduled for April 2021 have now been rescheduled again to September/October 2021. Sadly, in some instances, there are now clashes between these gigs and Steve Hackett's rescheduled Genesis Revisited Seconds Out shows. The clips and photos released as teasers via the band's official site and various social media sites look and sound impressive as we would expect and so now, we have to wait and see whether the gigs are rescheduled yet again. Let's hope not, eh?
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As reported in our last edition, Steve Hackett released his latest album: Under A Mediterranean Sky on 22nd January. This is his first acoustic album since 2008' s Tribute and his first orchestral album since 2005's Metamorpheus and as such makes a welcome change from his more rock orientated output of late. A full review of the album and interview with Steve about it will appear in our next edition. Steve is also nearing completion of another rock album too, so he has not wasted his time in Lockdown!
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Steve's brother John has also released a new album, titled The Piper Plays His Tune and you can read a review of that later in this edition. There is also another collaborative effort between him and his fellow band mate, Nick Fletcher in the cans for release soon.

Anthony Phillips also released the next tranche of reissues from his back catalogue in November 2020 which feature the four albums from the Missing Links series with, as has become the norm with these excellent reissues, a bonus disc of associated material. We hope to have a chat with Anthony about these and his recent activities during Lockdown in our next edition.

That is just about all the news for now folks, enjoy the rest of the edition and stay safe!

Alan Hewitt
January 2021


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