TWR #35 - Contents

Interview: "Between the tape deck and the tea cup" - Steve Hackett talks about "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Interview: "An Alien Afternoon with Tony Banks" - Tony talks to TWR about the new Genesis album

Interview: "Live on the Rockline" - Peter Gabriel in conversation about the "Us" album

Review: "From Genesis To Re-evaluation" - A personal perspective on the new Genesis album

Article: "The Genesis Story" - Part 17: The "We Can't Dance" album

Article: "Something Happened On The way To Acapulco" - The Phil Collins Story, Part Three: But Seriously

Interview: "The A to Z of Genesis" - Tony Banks continues his discussion of his career in the band

Review: "Another Catch At The Tables" - The rest of the "Private Parts & Pieces" albums by Anthony Phillips

Article: "Maltese Ants" - Genesis in Malta, Julu 1 and July 2, 1997 - A report on the band's video shoot for the Congo single