The Waiting Room - 2000 News Archive

Another Serving of Lamb

Since the announcement of a convention in Eichenzell-Welkers, Germany, dedicated to "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" and organised by the German Genesis fan club it (see news item below), demand for tickets has led the organisers to arrange a second date. The event will now also take place on Saturday, June 2, 2001, and will consist of exactly the same programme.

For more details about the event, and to order tickets, have a look at the it website.

Record Collector News

The December 2000 edition of "Record Collector" magazine contains interviews with Phil, Mike and Tony about recent events, mostly the release of the "Archive 2" CD set. TWR has carefully read between the lines, and the following quotes have been extracted as being most newsworthy...

From Phil:

  • On keeping up with other ex-members of Genesis - "I'm aware of what Steve and Anthony Phillips have been doing through The Waiting Room fanzine" [Hello Phil! - TB.]
  • On reunions - "If anyone brought us together with Steve and Peter then I'd do it... I'd definitely do it even if it was the three of us" [ie, Phil, Mike and Tony - TB.]
  • On leaving Genesis - "I realised... that I wanted to leave the band and I told my manager. He said to think about it and I may change my mind. I didn't, though I have..."
  • From Mike:

  • On the future of The Mechanics - "When things change, you can't stop everything tomorrow. We'll get together and see how we go."
  • On Alan Hewitt - "I took his book on holiday and it's so detailed, you're reading things about your life you've forgotten. I think he knows more about us than we know"
  • From Tony:

  • On tracks omitted from "Archive 2" - "'Me and Virgil'... Phil found it lyrically unfortunate... 'Match Of The Day', which was just about football and not great musically"
  • On plans for a video archive - "I'm not going to have anything to do with it!"

  • Phil Collins Update

    TWR have recently recieved a message from Phil's PA, Annie Calligham, regarding his up-coming projects; the following points were made:

    Most of the above news is dependent upon Phil and Orianne's new baby, due in the Spring of 2001. Obviously Phil will be wanting to spend as much time as possible at home with his family during this time.

    ReGenesis Singer Goes Solo Shock!

    Well not quite and there is nothing to worry about folks, our favourite Genesis tribute band are not in the throes of some mid-life crisis. Tony Patterson the singer in the band does however, have a new solo project about to be released called "Defining Blue" and a review of the sampler from that album can be found elsewhere in TWR #42. For further info contact Tony via his website,

    German Genesis Convention Announced

    TWR has recently heard from the German Genesis fan club, it, about a convention to be held in Eichenzell-Welkers, on June 3, 2001. Organised in conjunction with Serge Morissette, who will be representing Canadian tribute band The Musical Box, the convention will stage the most complete exhibition of material connected with "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway".

    On show will be posters, memorabilia, photos, the album and associated single releases, and a video presentation of one of the recently recorded "Lamb" shows by The Musical Box. Tickets are available at the bargain price of 10, but you'll have to be quick as there are only 100 available!

    For more information, check out the it website.

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    Ant Phillips' Sharking Exploits

    On Sunday, November 5, at 8pm, Channel 5 (UK) are broadcasting "Jurassic Shark", a wildlife programme which traces the evolution of sharks from their Jurassic beginnings to the present day. The music is by Anthony Phillips and this is another great example of what Anthony does when not composing and recording his own albums. Tune in and check it out if you can.

    The Ideal Genesis fans' Christmas present!

    Yes, folks, here is the ideal gift for Genesis fans who have already got their Box Set! Armando Gallo, long-time biographer of Genesis re-issued his 1980 masterwork "I Know What I Like" as a limited edition hardback in 1998. TWR has been lucky to secure a few of the remaining copies of this magnificent opus for sale to TWR readers.

    Featuring a stunning new cover design and introuction by Paul Whitehead, this is still the Genesis book by which all others are measured! Copies are limited and there will be no more available once these are sold so get your hands on a piece of Genesis history now!

    Since we announced the availability of Armando's book a few days ago, we've realised (thanks to the great man himself, thanks Armando!) that we got the prices a bit wrong. Alan has since been carefully massaging the beads on the TWR abacus to work out what the prices should be - so if you'd like the book, get in touch with us and we'll reserve you a copy. We'll have the proper prices available as soon as possible.

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    The cover for Armando's "I Know What I Like"

    New Official Genesis Web Site Announced

    Since the demise of the old official Genesis web site (at, now nothing to do with the band), a new official Genesis web site has been announced. TWR has received a communication from the site co-ordinator Andy Edwards regarding the new site, but the exact contents of it are still very much a secret. The address of the new site is, and as soon as we have any more information, we'll post it here on TWR.

    At last - A Genesis Reunion! Well, almost.

    On September 21, 2000, The London Hilton Hotel hosted the British Music Industry Roll of Honour, in which long-time Genesis family friend and manager Tony Smith was awarded the Peter Grant Award for Outstanding Achievement. To mark the occasion, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Daryl Steurmer played a short semi-acoustic selection of hits, including "Invisible Touch", "Follow Me Follow You" and "I Can't Dance". Tony played keyboards (no surprise there), Mike and Daryl both played acoustic guitar, and Phil sang and played assorted percussion. Tony Smith commented after the performance "Who booked this gig without a drummer?".

    Also seen at the event was Peter Gabriel, who joined the rest of the band for a photo-opportunity after the performance. Pete commented "This is a bit like going back to school... there's a lot of old faces".

    According to TWR's sources, the band had very little rehearsal time, but the susbsequent performance "clicked" so well that the band allowed television footage of the show to be broadcast on national TV, despite initial worries about how well the performance would turn out. Potential fuel for another reunion rumour?

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    Six of the best: Daryl, Tony S., Mike, Tony B., Phil, Pete

    Box Set 2 Announced

    The track listing for the upcoming second Genesis Archive Box Set has been officially announced bt Hit and Run - the three CD box set, covering the years 1976 to 1992 will contain the following tracks:

    Disc 1:

    Disc 2:

    Disc 3:

    The current release date for Box Set 2 is November 6, 2000.

    More Feedback on Feedback

    TWR has recieved an official press release from Camino Records regarding the two Steve's new release, "Feedback". It reads as follows:

    "Camino Records are very proud to announce the long overdue release of Steve's 1986 Album FEEDBACK, featuring guests Brian May, Marillion's Ian Mosley & Pete Trewavas, Chris Thompson, Nick Magnus and Bonnie Tyler.

    The original recordings from '86 are accompanied for the first time by the Camino Records Enhanced CD, which offers a fantastic look over the careers of Steve and other Camino artists. Features include 20 bonus MP3's taken from across the Camino catalogue, Tokyo Tapes Video footage, and On-CD ordering. Top value!

    Available across Europe from 9th October 2000, or exclusively from the new NOW. Price 10.99 (plus P&P).

    Check it out fast - as always the first 300 copies are personally signed by Steve!"

    Paul Young

    It is with great sadness that TWR came to hear of the tragic loss of Mike and the Mechanics vocalist Paul Young, who on Saturday, July 15, suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 53. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Pauls wife and family. Mike and the Mechanics have cancelled their summer festival dates in Denmark and Norway.

    Genesis fail to do reunion show for the 18th year running - Official

    A story ran in the News of the World on Sunday, April 9, stating that Genesis would be reforming - to include at least Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel - to take part in a show at London's Wembley Stadium in August, 2000. At the time, we at TWR have had official confirmation from Hit'n'Run that this story has no truth in it whatsoever.

    It has since been revealed by Wembley Stadium that a show was being planned as a "GoodBye to Wembley" Event - the stadium is to be rebuilt over the next few years. A concert was being planned featuring Phil and Genesis - in a similar style to the Knebworth Silver Clef show in 1990 - a short set by Phil, after which he would be joined by Mike and Tony for a Genesis set. Also rumoured to be appearing at the non-event were the usual suspects: Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, etc., etc.

    The Lamb Lies Down Again

    Top Canadian Genesis tribute band The Musical Box have announced their own upcoming performance of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway". To be performed in Montreal in October 2000, the show will utilise the original slides used in performance of The Lamb in 1975.

    The "Lamb" shows were announced after performances of TMB's acclaimed "Foxtrot" and "Selling England" shows, attended by TWR's very own Alan Hewitt - Alan's diary of his trip can be read in TWR #41. All the latest news can be found on TMB's web site.

    An Action-packed night

    Friday, June 2: early 60's modsters The Action play a gig at the cosy 100 Club on London's Oxford Street. Guesting that night on drums, none other than Phil Collins! Phil is a big fan of The Action, and snuck in to their gig almost unannounced. He played a full set, and was ever-so-slightly accosted by the audience for a quick chat and autograph session.

    To find out more about The Action, check out this fan site.

    OVO and Out

    In a rare television performance, Peter Gabriel performed two numbers from his recently released "OVO: Music from the Millennium Dome" CD on the May 28 edition of "Later... with Jools Holland". Joined by long-time PG band-members Tony Levin and David Rhodes, as well as guest vocalists Liz Fraser (of the Cocteau Twins) and Paul Buchanan (of the Blue Nile) - as well as a string section and a brass band, Pete played "Downside Up" and "Father, son".

    New Genesis Biography Hits the Streets

    "Opening the Musical Box: A Genesis Chronicle", a biography of Genesis written by TWR's very own Alan Hewitt, is finally available. It should be available from most high-street booksellers and music outlets; it's also available at the following on-line:,, Waterstone's, and Ottakar's.

    If you're having trouble tracking the book down in the US or Canada, the contact details for the distributor are:

    Interlink Publishing Group
    46 Crosby Street
    MA 01060-1804

    Tel: 001 413 582 7054
    Fax: 001 413 582 6731

    Stop Press! You can now win a copy of Alan's book: try to contain your excitement as you check out the all new TWR Competition Page!!!

    The King of the Swingers

    Phil Collins is involved in another project for Disney, although details are still under wraps at present. As soon as we hear any more, we'll let you know.

    ReGenesis singer in fox head transplant shock!

    Tony Patterson, lead singer of the UK's very own Gabriel-era Genesis tribute band, Regenesis, is soon to become the proud father of a solo project! Tony has been at work on his own material for over a year now, and the results of his efforts will be heard on his solo album "Defining Blue" which should be available in the autumn. The album features all original compositions from Mr. Patterson along with some musical contributions from several guests. The album will be mixed by ReGenesis' keyboard maestro Doug Melbourne. We shall keep you informed about this project as soon as Tony has the surgery to remove his flute!

    Good luck, Tony from all of us here at TWR!